Yahoo Mail Reported Down For Many Users

Yahoo Mail has been having issues since Wednesday morning, leaving hundreds of users without service. 

Down Detector shows that almost 1,000 reports came in prior to noon, many in the Northeastern United States. And users have continued to complain into the afternoon.

One user writes: “over 6 hours now…nothing works.” 

Another says: “Down in Michigan, can’t use email at all.” 

Other reports say that messages are arriving, but cannot be read.

Yahoo responded to one user: “Some of our users are experiencing Yahoo Mail issues and seeing Temporary Error 18. Our Engineering team is working quickly to resolve this,” according to the UK’s Express. “We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Of the reports from users, 38% are for log-in difficulties, 37% involve not being able to read mail and 24% involve not receiving mail.

Yahoo Mail also faced service problems in February. One unconfirmed speculation is that the issues stem from the integration by Oath of the Yahoo Mail and AOL infrastructures. 

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