Lots Of Smarts

While Amazon maintains a dominance in the smart speaker market, research from Kantar shows that overall device ownership in the US remains low, presenting ample opportunity for competitors like Google and Apple to step up. A survey of 1,097 Americans by Kantar’s Lightspeed showed that the Amazon’s smart-speaker devices, which includes the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Spot, commands 66% of the overall market. Google’s home products came in second with a 30% share of the overall market.

Furthermore, the survey also revealed that we are still in the early stages of smart speaker adoption, as current usage mostly includes playing music, setting timers and checking the weather.

The opportunity to bring in new consumers remains substantial:

Only 34% of Americans currently own a smart speaker

More men than women said they owned them, particularly those that are between the ages of 72 and 82, where ownership was reported at 60%

Among women, those between the ages of 21 and 26 were the biggest owners

Only 7% of Americans are buying things online through their speakers, and only 4% are ordering food through it

Nearly 50% of respondents said they use their speaker several times a day—a frequent and consistent relationship with the device

26% of respondents said they use it at least once a day


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