YouTube Touts Machine Learning In Battle Over Inappropriate Content

YouTube parent company Google on Monday released what it said would be the first quarterly report outlining efforts to enforce its community guidelines.

The report, which looked at the last quarter of 2017, said that it removed eight million videos from YouTube during the quarter, adding that the videos it removed “were mostly spam or people attempting to upload adult content.”

Of note, however, is that YouTube’s machine-learning algorithm spotted the overwhelming majority of the content.

During the company’s quarterly earnings call Monday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that “over six million videos removed in Q4 were first flagged by our machine systems, and over 75% of those videos were removed before receiving a single view.”

The company introduced its machine flagging in June, 2017.

On the call, Pichai also said that the company planned to invest more in live events, such as Coachella, the music festival that recently streamed on the platform. The festival saw 41 million live video views, according to Pichai.



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