Verbatim Executive Summary

“In early 2018, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) created custom research to better understand the impact of ad length on the ad experience and business outcomes. This is a follow up to a 2017 study, where the FWC partnered with Realeyes, to understand the advertising experience within short-form premium video content. 

 In this latest research, 4,885 participants, aged 18-65, were exposed to different ad scenarios alongside short- form NBC premium video. The scenarios included a mix of six-, fifteen- and thirty-second ads. Emotional and engagement levels were captured and viewers were surveyed about their experience and their attitudes towards the ads and brands.

 With the rise of the six-second ad format in TV and premium video, it’s important to explore the best applications of this format in relation to other longer ad creatives, says the report. By understanding more about these ad experiences, both publishers and advertisers can work together on delivering more impactful and engaging advertising. 

 Some Key Findings From The Research: 

  • Six-second ads have a more positive impact when used to reinforce a message already delivered by a longer ad 
  • Thirty-second ads are seen as less enjoyable and less appropriate in short-form video environments 
  • When used exclusively, fifteen-second ads were seen as twice as effective as six-second  ads and thirty-second ads 
  • In this study, there was no significant correlation between younger audiences engaging with or favoring six-second ads, but other research suggests higher engagement levels with shorter ads among younger audiences 

 Short-form content is an important part of the premium video ecosystem and fuels advertising opportunities for marketers, says the report. Finding the right balance and ultimately the right choreography of clips and ads to maximize engagement is key to helping foster those opportunities.” 

 To review the complete report, please visit here.





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