Sourcepoint Launches CMP Solution To Help Publishers Navigate GDPR Compliance

Sourcepoint wants to help publishers with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance. Its CMP allows publishers to gather consumers' agreement to use their data, pass that consent information to ad servers and options for monetizing users who opt out of the agreement.

“We expect there to be a fairly significant impact to publisher revenue as a result of the regulations and believe that publishers will need to quickly turn their attention from solely compliance to optimization and monetization,” stated Brian Kane, cofounder and COO at Sourcepoint.

On May 25, Europe will start to enforce GDPR, the new privacy rules that will affect digital sites, brands and ad tech companies that interact with consumers there.

The new rules regulate how companies can obtain consent from those consumers before collecting their personal data, and how they can use that data. Often, the data is used to target consumers with ads.



Kane told Publishers Daily its CMP supports Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and the IAB Consent Management Framework, as well as provides support for non-IAB vendors.

The CMP allows consent information to get sent to the DFP ad server so personalized or nonpersonalized ads can be served, based on the user’s consent choice.

Sourcepoint bills itself as a “content compensation platform,” giving publishers tools to improve transparency with consumers, as well as make revenue lost to ad blockers.

The CMP is the latest module within Sourcepoint’s Dialogue platform. Publishers that are on Dialogue can use its controls to customize and target messages through A/B testing to drive consent conversion, for example.

“While there is understandably an extreme focus on compliance and readiness for May 25, we believe that a great deal of the work associated with GDPR will continue to happen after this date,” Kane stated.

The CMP also enables publishers to opt for either global consent, site-specific consent, or “publisher family” consent.

The latter option would allow a large media company to ask for consent on behalf of its portfolio of properties, such as Gannett asking consumers consent for USA Today and its roster of local sites.

The solution is currently live with a handful of partners. One of the first publishers to use Sourcepoint’s CMP is Paul Michaelwaite, director at UK-based weather forecasting site Netweather.

“For us, it was imperative to partner with a company that understands the intricacies of GDPR compliance and how the opportunity to opt-in to data sharing contributes to the wider user experience,” Michaelwaite stated.

“The option to leverage alternative monetization solutions for those users that choose not to share their data will allow us to understand the opportunities available to us and determine a wider strategy to move forward," he added.

Kane said a goal of the solution is to “ensure the publishing ecosystem remains vibrant, and publishers can continue to generate revenue absent of [consumers’] consent.”

Dialogue offers other solutions like AltAd and AltPay, in those cases. AltPay, for example, was introduced last year as a direct payment solution for publishers as an alternative to traditional advertising. Publishers can use AltPay to give users the choice to pay to access the publisher’s content ad-free for a certain time period.

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