AMC Networks Launches Mobile Ad Platform

AMC Networks is partnering with the mobile advertising technology company ACTV8me to launch a targeted mobile ad platform.

The platform, which will live under the company’s data-driven AMCN Agility ad sales team, will deliver offers to smartphones of consumers watching AMCN programming. The offers will be triggered by inaudible sounds in commercials that run on the channels. 

The company says that once a consumer watches an ad, coupons, reward points and other offers can be delivered to the phone through the mobiie app.

The offers and coupons allow for AMCN and marketers to track engagement of the ad, all the way through a purchase.

AMCN also announced that its proprietary Aurora Video Targeting Solutions data platform will be available to advertisers for this year’s upfront. It was introduced last year, and the company worked with a handful of advertisers to develop it.



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