The Next New Paradigm In Media Could Be Ambience

If the past is prologue, and Apple once again contributes to a paradigm shift in media consumption then the next new thing will be ambient media.

That’s the conclusion of the equities research team at UBS following Apple Inc. In a new report, “Apple in Pictures,” the analysts use a picture (the infographic pictured here) to tell the next story in Apple’s progression.

“The Ambient Paradigm is on the horizon,” the analysts predict, noting that just as Apple evolved from a computing paradigm to a mobile one, it is now in the process of transitioning to an ambient one.

The transitional products are things like the Apple Watch and AirPods, but the long-range goal may be an even more minimum viable interface in which the hardware seems to disappear altogether.

“Technology will surround us in a relatively invisible way, which [Apple CEO Tim] Cook has alluded to as ‘iOS everywhere’,” the analysts explain, adding, “More wearables and services are likely. However, it does feel like this is a gap period. For example, we don't expect VR glasses for a couple years.”

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