Move Over Millennials

“Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation of shoppers in stores,” reports Criteo, offering John Roswech, EVP of Brand Solutions, to break down the data in relation to how brands and retailers need to improve certain experiences in order to capture Gen Z shoppers as they begin to build lifelong brand loyalties. 



Criteo surveyed thousands of members of Gen Z in the US, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, and Japan to understand what they think about shopping: e.g. what motivates them to shop and what they want from the retail experience. While all countries have different economic factors at play, members of Gen Z share a commonality in their love of real-world retail experience, albeit augmented by technology. Based on the Criteo Shopper Story

Some Descriptions of Gen Z:, according to the report:

  • They are the most likely to value real-world experiences
  • They have significant spending power
  • They are the most dissatisfied with the online experience
  • They are the most likely to shop around
  • They expect relevance from products and marketing

Get to know the newest generation of influential shoppers, how social and mobile shape their lives, and, why content and connectivity reign supreme.
There are 4 distinct generations in e-commerce, says the New Gen Z Shopping Report from Criteo

Distinct Generations In e-Commerce 








 = 50+,


Gen X 


= 35-- 49




= 25-- 34


Gen Z 


= 16-- 24

Engaged & Empowered  They were children when social media came to the forefront and smartphones were introduced, and the new ways of connecting with each other have huge implications for marketers. They navigate the world with their phones and wouldn’t think of buying without consulting their online and offline network of friends, says the report.

Tech & Tactile  While the smartphone is their remote control for life, they desire a world beyond the screen. They are more tactile than older generations and personal experience of the world and products is their aim. Online shopping doesn’t fully deliver on their desires: touch and instant gratification.

Influential & OpenThey have strong opinions, formed by peer and social influencers and, due totheir facility with technology, they help older generations navigate the connected world. They are in a crucial stage of development for brand preferences as they enter independent life and are open to new retailers and retail concepts. Source: Criteo Shopper Story, US 2017 | n=430

Keys to reaching Gen Z
Take advantage of real-world retail.
They are young and mobile, and crave novelty and experience.
Online-only retailers will extend their impact by entering the realm of “bricks” either through store-in-a-store or stand-alone efforts.
Improve the online experience

With online shopping not able to provide a tactile experience, up the quality of what you can control: spot on product descriptions with dynamic content, aesthetically pleasing images, 360° rotations, video demos geared to their age group, and reviews optimized for their skeptical minds.

Clean up and enhance store display/design The Instagram generation lives by visuals and expects their retailers to make it cool, show how products are used, and feature them in their best light. They have to be desirable, accessible, touchable

Source: Criteo Shopper Story, US 2017 | n=430


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