HubSpot Partners With Taboola, Expands Discovery Potential

Content discovery and native-advertising platform Taboola has partnered with HubSpot to allow HubSpot users to launch campaigns on its platform.

Through the new partnership, HubSpot’s 40,000 marketers will be able to distribute content across premium publisher sites. Taboola works with media brands such as USA Today, Huffington Post and Business Insider.

HubSpot members will have the capacity to reach 1.4 billion users each month through Taboola’s member audiences, according to the company.

Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola, told Publishers Daily: “Our goal is to help every brand reach new and relevant audiences in a way that is both engaging and scalable. As more brands prioritize storytelling over traditional advertising, our partnership will provide HubSpot’s marketers with an alternative channel to social and search for distributing their stories.” 



HubSpot’s dashboard has been outfitted with campaign set-up, targeting and launch capacities to ease users ability to launch a “discovery campaign.” Marketers using HubSpot can choose which blog posts they want to promote, input their targeting criteria, A/B test different creatives and manage budgets, all through the HubSpot platform.

The marketer’s campaigns will be automatically displayed on Taboola’s publishers’ sites, strategically placed in front of the best potential audience. 

According to Singolda, HubSpot users can “view real-time reports to optimize the performance of the campaigns and conversion rates.”

Singolda provided the example of a marketer who has created content about drones. After loading this content through HubSpot, Taboola will pinpoint those users who have expressed interest in drones, either because they have expressed fandom or have read and recommended stories about drones across the web. 

Kevin Raheja, director of strategic partnerships at HubSpot, noted that Taboola allows HubSpot’s customers to maximize their marketing potential while remaining cost efficient. 

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