Conservative Sites Show Uptick In May

Seventeen of the 20 conservative websites with the most visits in May 2018 experienced traffic growth compared to April, according to TheRighting’s analysis of SimilarWeb data.

Two sites suffered declines, while audiences to the website Newsmax remained unchanged.  

May showed some of the strongest gains in visits to conservative websites for 2018.

“These numbers contradict the assumption that consumers — at least on the right — are suffering from news fatigue,” stated Howard Polskin, president and chief curator of TheRighting.

Polskin says this growth shows there is a “robust consumer appetite for conservative news, insights and opinions.”  

Just last November, seventeen of the top 20 conservative websites tracked by TheRighting experienced declines in visits compared to the same month a year prior.



The five conservative websites with the most total visits in May were: (312,900,000), Breitbart (66,370,000), The Daily Caller (28,780,000), The Daily Wire (25,510,000) and The Gateway Pundit (19,080,000).

Breitbart broke its streak of six consecutive months of audience visit declines, which started in October 2017. The site generated a 16% increase in visits in May from the previous month.

For the second month in a row, The Western Journal generated the largest month-to-month increase in visits of the top 20 conservative sites: 49.74% compared to April 2017.

Infowars experienced the largest decline in visits, dropping 5.64% compared to April.  

The neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer recorded 2,720,000 visits for May, up 8.64% from April.

The other sites in the top 20 include: TheBlaze, Washington Times, PJ Media, National Review, Townhall, Washington Examiner, The Federalist, WND, Twitchy, Hot Air, Rush Limbaugh and the Washington Free Beacon.

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