Campaign Monitor, Emma And Delivra Join Together Under One Brand

Three email marketing services — those of Emma, Delivra and Campaign Monitor — are being blended together under the Campaign Monitor brand to serve businesses of all sizes.   

The companies share a common parent. Insight Venture Partners, the New York-based investment firm that already owned Campaign Monitor, acquired Emma and Delivra in September 2017.  

The three SaaS service providers will exist as a family of brands under the Campaign Monitor name, and Campaign Monitor, which serves over 250,000 organizations worldwide, will serve as the parent company. 

There are no plans for staff or executive changes at this time, a spokesperson says. The companies have 400 employees across all offices.  

The new Campaign Monitor will offer “the resources marketers need to be successful, including design, deliverability, and strategic services,” states Wellford Dillard, CEO of Campaign Monitor.   

He adds that “our future product investments will be centered around helping our customers do more with less, helping brands drive more engagement and revenue from email, and helping marketers of every level grow as professionals.”

The company describes the three brands as follows:

Campaign Monitor serves high-volume email senders seeking to drive engagement. Its self-service marketing tool allows brands to send targeted newsletters.

Emma helps firms to manage email marketing at scale, and drive personalized email that generate sales. 

Delivra provides custom email marketing and automation solutions for businesses that lack the resources to support advanced email marketing. 

With email marketing growing, brands will need a partner that can grow with them, the company says. As numerous studies show, email delivers the highest ROI of any channel, it adds.


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