New Email Scam Tied To Speed Traps

Indiana residents have been advised about an email phishing scam tied to local speed traps.

Fisher, Ind. police tweeted that they had “become aware of a new scam involving false clams of #speedcameraviolations@FishersIN .”

They added, “Never respond or #click on an unfamiliar e-mail.”

The emails inform citizens that they have been hit with a $535.99 fine, according to local news reports.  The email comes with a case number.

It is not clear whether the scam artists have knowledge of actual violations.

According to the police, the email says:

You’ve been detected with a speed infringement

Reason: Negligent driving in Fishers, I 

Case No: 4563456

This fine will be sent by mail to your address. However, you can screen it now, please click here Photo Proof – 4563456

The penalty must be honored within the statutory period. This is an automatically generated message, please do not reply. 



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