'New York Post' Issue With Supreme Cover Wrap Is Big Seller

The New York Post partnered with retail brand Supreme on a cover wrapped version of the August 13 paper — and the issues are flying off the shelves.

“Today's New York Post collaboration with Supreme is a true collector's item. The first time we have given over the entire newsstand run, front and back page, to a brand partner,” stated Jesse Angelo, CEO-publisher, The New York Post.

And it worked. The New York Times reports morning commuters could hardly find a copy to get their hands on.

The Hudson Booksellers on the ground floor of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square was sold out of the tabloid, the Times reports, as were a bunch of kiosks in the area.

Issues can sell for about $1 a piece, but on eBay, they are going for around $10. Fans who had grabbed issues by the dozens were hawking them on Twitter for a profit as well. (Cover-wrapped papers on newsstands were available in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.)

The cover wrap boldly displays Supreme’s well-known logo — white, slanted lettering against a red border— in the middle of both front and back covers, centered below the New York Post masthead.

Monday’s regular edition is inside the wrap.

Angelo said the partnership made sense “because of the design kinship of the logos and the affinity of the brands - bold, unexpected, always-pushing-the-envelope, and always rooted in New York.”

Supreme is a New York-based brand, worn by big-name influencers and celebrities at the peak of athleisure fashion. When new Supreme merchandise drops, fans queue up for blocks in front of its stores.

For the first time, the New YorkPost also allowed a brand to film its Bronx printing facility. The newspaper company and the skateboarding retail brand collaborated on a video of the late-night print run of this edition, made for Instagram.

The video, posted on Supreme’s Instagram account, has no music and no dialogue. It shows the process of printing the Supreme-branded issue, from start to finish, ending at the stacks of papers set out at a bodega.

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