BrightWave Partners With 48in48 To Help Nonprofits Create Email

BrightWave, an email and eCRM agency, is expanding its partnership with 48in48, an organization that builds websites, emails and digital materials for non-profits.

The objective is to “create email marketing materials on both a local and national level,” states Carole Williams, development director for 48in48.

The two companies have worked together for the three years, with BrightWave providing custom email templates for 48 participating non-profits in Atlanta, BrightWave says.

BrightWave will now support 48in48’s own email marketing efforts to attract potential supporters.

48in48 has a network of marketing volunteers that has built 48 websites for nonprofits in 48 hours, BrightWave claims. They have raised $15 million worth of digital assets, it adds.

Williams notes that “email is a powerful tool for non-profits.”

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