Mining First-Party Gold Or How To Peek Under The Covers

Joyce Szudzik with AEG worldwide: first party data comes from ticketing systems, that allows us to extrapolate out from the one individual buying the ticket. Understand household, grow first party affinity, leverage newsletters that are genre related is how we’re targeting newsletters to bring them in.

Moderator Megan Harris, Syzygy: What’s your platform that you’re using and how do you combine them?

Joyce: L.A. Kings data over here, Golden Boys over here. We’re 90% there in pulling it all into Microsoft Azure. Then we model it. Four data scientists on board now So our marketers can pull out data. Feeds into email programs, depending on how it is speaking. 

Jennifer Muse, General Mills: “I peek under the covers and figure things out. I’m on global team, biggest challenges has been different brands are at different stages using the data. Hard because the way ecommerce is looked at is what sales are we driving. Lot of first party data we have is minimal, box top initiatives, social media ... data there. Display is mostly used to say, “hey, here’s a coupon.” Very disparate for each brand. My team is trying to build more wholistic look at what brands are doing from a CRM perspective an how to connect the dots.”

Kielley Young from Warner Music Group: “we have 32 million unique records. not super scalable, then there’s off-cycle. Trying to move everyone into one larger list to cross-sell artists. we know you like Bruno Mars, you may be interested in this other artists. There is a multifaceted approach, once we get people on a central list ... tour is the bait for everything, people love live shows ... 

Jennifer: “We know mom who is buying Annie’s, we want to use the DMP to find out how do we get from unknown to known. How to use data to mine and find those new audiences.”

Joyce: “social strategy is coming in to shape actually business decisions. How do you shape what’s next. What do people want? How are you using that data point to predict are you going to sell 8,000 tickets to that show or 80,000 tickets? We’re looking at what people want, how to pull that in, overly against our ticket sales in real time. Shape what we’re doing from an advertising perspective to know different audiences.”

Logistics, Megan wants to know what are your logistics? Who on your teams are doing this kind of data insight work?

Kielley: On our CRM team we have 2 data analysts, really good structure of feedback lists, mostly where the dataset is growing. 

Joyce: that gut, that nuance, that ego there has to be that balance in the dataset, need to balance with actual insights on what you know about the audience. Facebook is where we should have been advertising back in the day with Bon Jovi, 24 to 29 year olds. But there are 40 to 45 year olds out there buying the tickets. You has to balance life with data. The current Carrie Underwood campaign, it’s easy to go to the affinity audience. It looks good but maybe I should have sent the messaging out to WWE ... you have to ask, who is the core and extrapolate out.

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