H Code Connects U.S. Advertisers With Metro LATAM Readers Across 4 Countries

In an exclusive deal, H Code, a leader in digital advertising for the U.S. Hispanic market, will drive U.S. advertising for Metro LATAM, the Latin American division of Metro International in Luxembourg.  

Metro LATAM counts more than 50 million unique visitors and 150 million page views across its properties in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Puerto Rico, which includes lifestyle site Nuevamujer.com, tech news site Fayerwayer.com and Metro news sites. 

To tap into these audiences, H Code will use its arsenal of advertising solutions, which include display, rich media, video, mobile, native, social/digital channels and creative services. The goal is to leverage a direct connection between Metro LATAM’s readers and U.S. advertisers.  

Juan Manuel Romero, CEO of Metro LATAM, stated: “Metro International will no longer be limited to our own resources to reach the underserved demographic of U.S. Hispanics, and will now be able to focus its efforts on other areas of growth outside of the U.S.”



H Code, with a No. 1 U.S. Hispanic comScore entity for Authentic Hispanic Reach, stated the deal allows it to “provides significant value to our advertisers” through a direct publisher relationship. 

In an effort to ensure advertisers have access to quality of inventory and scale, H Code has focused on partnering directly with many leading international Spanish-language media companies, using big data to create profitable results.

Over the past year, H Code has cut  exclusive deals with Grupo Milenio, Grupo Imagen, La Prensa Gráfica, Radio Programas del Perú and Webconsultas. 

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