Does Pre-Season Buzz Really Matter?

In this week's The Sternberg Report, I evaluate the new TV series with the most pre-season buzz.

The charts in this week's edition show new, ad-supported original scripted series on broadcast and cable since 2001 and compares the shows that received the most pre-season buzz to those that were actually successful during their initial season.

Heading into the 2018-19 prime-time TV season, I am listing several shows as receiving the most buzz. But there does seem to be less enthusiastic buzz for ad-supported new series over the past couple of seasons than any in recent memory. This could be because there is so much fast-forwarding through commercials that many people aren’t seeing the promos and have no idea what’s coming on this fall, or it could be that there are so many original scripted series on cable and streaming services during the summer that most people don’t focus on the new broadcast season as early as they once did.

Nevertheless, this lack of buzz does not mean there won’t be successful new series. Just as heavy buzz does not correlate with success, lack of buzz does not correlate with failure.



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