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Steve Sternberg

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Steve Sternberg is currently Editor-in-Chief of The Sternberg Report. He has more then 30 years of television and video analysis experience, having held top research posts at Bozell, TN Media, Magna Global, and ION Media Networks. He also authors The Sternberg Report (

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  • Make Mine Marvel: Reviews Of Every Marvel TV Series Available To Stream in Research Intelligencer on 04/05/2021

    Television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are based on characters appearing in Marvel comics who have a shared reality with the theatrical film franchises. From 2013-2020, a dozen shows were produced by Marvel Television, with ABC Studios and ABC Signature Studios, across broadcast, cable, and streaming (ABC, Netflix, Hulu, and Freeform). A couple of series set in the X-Men universe, which were not officially part of the MCU, were produced by 20th Century Fox (for Fox and FX). In this week's edition, I review -- and rate -- all of them. Nuff said!

  • New Broadcast TV Series: The Good, The Bad, And The Too Bad in Research Intelligencer on 03/15/2021

    Because of the pandemic, this is the first time in 30 years I haven't seen any fall pilots and have only seen a few mid-season shows prior to their premieres. So in this week's edition, I'm reviewing these new series after watching at least the first few episodes during their regular broadcast runs. Also due to the pandemic, many returning scripted shows didn't premiere until January or later. These include, ABC's The Rookie, Black-ish, Mixed-ish, NBC's Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Law & Order: SVU, New Amsterdam, Good Girls, FOX's Prodigal Son, The Resident, 9-1-1, 9-1-1: Lone Star, CW's Batwoman, All American, Riverdale, Nancy Drew, Legacies, Charmed, Black Lightning, The Flash. Still to come this spring include, NBC's Manifest, FOX's The Moodys, and CW's Legends of Tomorrow, In the Dark, and Dynasty.

  • Mask On, Mask Off And Other Thoughts On The New TV Season in Research Intelligencer on 03/01/2021

    There is apparently no standard for how prime-time series handle the Coronavirus pandemic. Many incorporate it into their storylines, while others touch on it briefly and then move on to an unspecified near-future time after the virus. For those that are existing in the time of COVID, there is one disturbing and baffling detail. In virtually every series, the main characters put on their masks to go outside, but as soon as they go inside, whether to a workplace or other venue, they take off their masks -- despite being in close quarters to multiple people with whom they obviously don't live. This, of course, is the opposite of CDC guidelines, not to mention common sense.

  • Review: 95 Series Worth Bingeing in Research Intelligencer on 02/16/2021

    In this era of "Peak TV+," there are so many good series year-round on so many different platforms that I am constantly discovering new shows to watch, many of which have already been on-the-air for multiple seasons. Nobody has to watch the so-called "least objectionable programming" anymore, and those under 30 have probably never even heard that phrase. In this week's edition, I organized reviews of 95 series worth bingeing.

  • Streaming Now: The Rise And Fall Of Ad-Supported Cable TV in Research Intelligencer on 01/25/2021

    Twenty years ago, with very few exceptions, four broadcast networks were the only places you could find new original scripted series programming - and basically only six or seven months out of the year. This started to change in the late 1990s with the debuts of HBO's "Oz," "The Sopranos," and "Sex in the City," then changed for good in 2002 with the premiere of FX's "The Shield." In this week's edition, I examine how that all changed again with Netflix's 2013 launch of "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black," and why the shift toward original streaming series may mean the fall of ad-supported cable TV.

  • 10 More Hidden Gems To Stream in Research Intelligencer on 12/15/2020

    I've been analyzing television research and programming for more than 30 years, and have always prided myself on being able to keep on top of the ever-changing video landscape. In the era of Peak TV+, however, it takes longer and longer to become aware of new linear TV series, much less the wide array of original scripted streaming content. It's simply not possible to know what's available without exploring each service every month (or week). There are no fall or mid-seasons. Every time I start searching for something new to watch on Netflix, for example, there are several new series and movies I've never heard of, increasingly originating in other countries. In this week's edition, I offer my take on 10 more "hidden gems" worth streaming.

  • New Television Season Things To Ponder in Research Intelligencer on 11/17/2020

    More issues with TV audience measurement, network promotional follies, why ratings don't matter anymore and how shows are dealing COVID-19 and police brutality are among the things I've been pondering during the pandemic. Want to hear more?

  • TV Shows To Stream As You Wait For Your Favorites To Return in Research Intelligencer on 10/29/2020

    This week's edition focuses on some of the best original scripted series available to stream.

  • A Dozen Binge-Worthy Hidden Gems To Stream in Research Intelligencer on 09/28/2020

    I've been analyzing television programming for more than 30 years. There was a time, not too long ago, when I could list every show on TV on any given night off the top of my head. Not today. This is the era of Peak TV+. In addition to broadcast television and ad-supported and premium cable, we now have several major streaming services - the first three, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video (which have only been producing original content for about seven years), were joined three years ago by CBS All Access (soon to be rebranded Paramount+), and over the past year by Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and Peacock. There are also numerous smaller and more niche streaming services. In this week's edition, I give my picks for the most binge-worthy shows from Must Stream TV.

  • How To Make The Emmys Better in Research Intelligencer on 09/09/2020

    My mother-in-law hasn't watched the Emmy Awards in five or six years. The main reason, as she puts it, "none of the shows I watch get nominated anymore." Now, I'm sure the networks aren't particularly concerned about the 75-plus crowd, but they do seem intent on driving away generations of people who grew up watching the Emmys without doing much to bring in younger viewers. I also know a fair number of 45-plus viewers that no longer watch the Emmys. The Emmys continues to award TV series that most people haven't seen, which only serves to depress ratings. In this week's edition, I explain how to fix this.

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