Broadcast Promos See Similar Rates Y-O-Y, Fox TV Leads

In launching the new TV season over the last month, broadcast networks aired on-air promos for new and returning shows, roughly to similar levels of a year ago.

According to, the media research company, TV spending on promos for Fox is estimated to equate to $26.2 million over the period -- some 95 individual spots in all.

NBC is next at $9.9 million (85 individual on-air promos), followed by ABC at $8.5 million (97 spots) and CBS with $6.5 million (113), per 

That’s a total of $51.1 million for the big broadcast networks.

A year ago, Fox was at $24.3 million (86 spots), followed by ABC with $11.8 million (91 spots), NBC at $9.5 million (98 spots) and CBS with $5.4 million (129 spots) -- roughly the same as this year.

Over the last 30 days, Fox has aired 4,062 on-air national and regional promos for its second-year show “9-1-1.”



Fox’s “The Resident” has seen 2,508 promos and “The Gifted” had 2,003 airings. Returning show "Last Man Standing," (formerly ABC), ran 2,735; that's some 95 individual spots in all.

ABC has been pushing its new drama “A Million Little Things” with 2,580 and “Single Parents” with 2,126.

NBC has devoted time to its two new dramas: “Manifest” at 1,608 promo airings and “New Amsterdam” at 2,607.

For its new shows, CBS has aired 678 spots for “Magnum P.I.” 317 spots for “Murphy Brown” and 271 spots for “The Neighborhood.”

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