Presentation: When One Word Defines A Moment, A Person, A Brand ...

Liz McMillan, CEO,

Increasingly, consumers make choices based on a company’s values. Most will pay more for brands that are perceived to have a positive impact on society. What are our values and what should they be? 

Our product is words. “You’re product is commoditized,” I’ve heard, but I don’t believe It.

Words have a deep, emotional relationship with our audience. Words create a reaction. Trends ... when #MeToo movement started, massive spikes in look-ups of the word misogyny. 

As a brand, we are at the intersection of those social moments and cultural moments when people are trying to find meaning, to understand the context. When we choose a word, it carries a big impact. What social impact are your brand having in the world?

Media impacts people’s perception of the world, food will impact well-bring, CPG will impact environment we live in.

What’s the right way to eat a Kit-Kat became a viral post. Define the word “break” since woman’s boyfriend was eating the candy whole.

Donovan Mitchell, an adidas athlete, wore a T-shirt for him defining the word rookie. We promoted it, generating 91M impressions, elevated Mitchell, adidas and us.

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