Capri Sun 'Together Table' Supports Anti-Bullying Org

Kraft Heinz’s Capri Sun is winning points with parents and kids with a new anti-bullying campaign. 

The beverage brand teamed with the No Bully nonprofit to create a “Together Table": a large, serpentine-shaped table that lets everyone sitting at it see one another, thus precluding a feeling of being excluded. 

The table is being used to draw attention to the cause, a social media push and Capri Sun’s pledge to donate $160,000 to No Bully, a number based on the statistic that some 160,000 U.S. kids each day skip school due to fear of bullying and exclusion. 

This week, the partners staged a table-signing event on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. 

The campaign is also urging people to pledge their support to stop bullying by using #SitTogether to post on social media. 

The campaign, from the Huge, Inc. agency, includes a video (below) being promoted on YouTube and other social media.



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