They're Still At It -- Politicos Continue Sending Emails After Election

The election may be over, but there has been no curtailment of email fund-raising activity highlighting the rancor and unresolved issues that still exist.

For instance, President Trump’s campaign sent an email on Wednesday, focusing on the lawsuit by CNN that seeks reinstatement of reporter Jim Acosta’s White House press access, Politico reports.

The subject line reads: “CNN SUES! Help Trump win.”

The body copy argues: "CNN is SUING President Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a Secret Service agent, and other White House officials... All because they REVOKED Jim Acosta’s press badge after his continuous grandstanding and inappropriate refusal to yield to other reporters.

"President Trump will NOT put up with the media’s liberal bias and utter disrespect for this Administration and the hardworking Americans who stand with us.”

It also includes a survey question: “Do you think the White House was right to revoke the press badge belonging to CNN’s Jim Acosta?”



On the other side, Hillary Clinton has signed an email seeking funds to fight the recount battle on behalf of Florida Senator Bill Nelson.

According to Breitbart, the email says:

“We need to make sure that Senator Nelson’s team has everything they need for this process, and we cannot waste a moment. Make a donation to the DSCC’s voter protection efforts while they work to make sure every vote is counted.

“What we’re seeing right now is unprecedented — this is the first a full statewide recount in Florida history. It’s unbelievable that any elected official wouldn’t call for a fair and accurate count of the votes.”

The Clinton email continues: “The DSCC is currently deploying lawyers and organizers down to Florida to make sure that Senator Nelson has whatever legal support, staff capacity, and voter protection resources he needs to win this fight — and investing in their work is the best way you can have an impact. Chip in $25 to defend Democrats like Bill Nelson. 

“Thank you, Hillary”

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