Ever Re-Gifted A Company Holiday Gift? You're Not Alone

Well, this sure beats the typical “Secret Santa” gifting that many companies embrace each year around holiday time.

You’ve probably participated in one yourself, where people draw names from a hat and there’s a $10 limit (or whatever) on the gift that you buy for the person whose name you draw.

I’ve done a number of these, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never participated in one where anyone received a “Thailand Culinary Experience and Paradise Vacation.” I would have remembered that one.

But apparently, some companies give certain employees (presumably high-performing ones) that gift according to a recent survey by corporate gift firm Snappy.

On the flip side, the company also found that 40% of employees have re-gifted or even thrown out presents from employers. That I believe, having done both in the past myself.

Among the most unexpected gifts workers have received, per Snappy, are helicopter skiing trips and hot air balloon rides. They’re pretty cool gifts. And make for great re-gifting opportunities if you don’t happen to be into skiing or have a fear of heights.



The holiday season is here again. Secret Santa is a bit of goofy fun, but having read this survey, maybe I should raise my expectations a little. I hear Thailand is lovely this time of year.

On second thought, Secret Santa is more my speed. A couple of years ago, I received an awesome pen that writes upside down and even through a grease stain — which is great if you’re taking notes during a meal.

Perfect for an ink-stained wretch like me.



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