Technical Trends Shaping Ad Production In 2020

Advertising and branded content production are continually evolving. As studios vie for work, they look to streamline processes wherever possible to offer better, faster service with high-quality results -- yet still push creative boundaries to ensure that their work stands out.

Here are three emerging yet effective techniques  set to change the way we think about and approach marketing campaigns by 2020.

Drones offer fresh perspectives. Drones allow filmmakers to reach otherwise inaccessible locations with relative ease, providing stunning new perspectives of the world. Advanced intelligence smarts can even aid in cinematography without constant input.

A new car campaign used flying drones to capture camera movements that would be incredibly difficult via traditional methods, such as a bird’s-eye view of a car being driven.The creative freedom and 360-degree angles offered by drone cameras can be deeply compelling and help produce memorable marketing content.



AR can augment shoots. Augmented reality (AR) technology can overlay digital content onto a real-world image. In shoot production, that means the ability to see live-action and CG footage side by side in real time, right there on the set.

It's a game-changer. With your CG environments and backdrops ready and waiting, you can receive immediate feedback on camera measurements and positioning, as well as check that 3D assets line up correctly and that all plates match.

Ever-tighter turnarounds mean that agencies and studios alike have less time to work things out on set, which is why efficient previsualisation tools have proven invaluable.

Blending live-action and CG. There's a huge amount of technology for blending CG and live-action footage, and it's not just a matter of finding a green screen to shoot against. The hardware and software have become so advanced that it's possible to replace any real set with your CG version, and even populate it with virtual talent surrounding real human actors.

On a shoot for a pharmaceutical brand, we used an innovative blend of practical effects and CG environment. We filmed live action cyclists on a self-engineered bicycle rig and green screen rolling road, creating natural dynamic movement – while still keeping the shoot controllable and safe. 

The end result? Our hero cyclist overtakes the pack and rides up the wall, as it shifts to become his ground. The prop department out-did themselves.

By experimenting with consumer-grade technology in this way, artists can produce shots that have not previously been possible without significant Hollywood budgets.

Best practices leading up to 2020

Integrating CG elements into live action is the best way to maintain impact across any platform in this multimedia age, without breaking budget.

With an abundance of techniques, tools and manpower in the mix, no two shoots are alike. Workflow is flexible and final deliverables can be pushed toward a higher quality via experimentation.

Brands, advertisers and creatives who do not continually expand their repertoire will be left behind by 2020.

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