'Tis The Season For Agency Holiday Wishes And Client Gifts

Creative shop Dinner Party is introducing the “mullet inspired” holiday teku glass to be distributed to clients and friends. The "all business in the front and party in the back" vessel displays the company’s moniker in block text letters on one side and festive imagery and the word party on the other side.

Digital shop Fluid is helping to insure its clients and friends don’t run out of creative libations to serve during the holiday season. It is shipping clients a 58-page Holiday Cocktail Companion book with 40 original cocktail recipes, each inspired by one of the agency's clients including Fender, Cartier, Aqua Aston Hospitality, and Nespresso, among others.

Each cocktail in the book cleverly captures the essence of a client through custom  recipes like "The Scentsation," inspired by  L'Oreal, and "Charmed" for jeweler Kendra Scott.

Colle McVoy seeks to serve some inspiration for the coming 12 months with a series of "cubespirations," motivational messages designed for the desk or office. The messages include "Better to have fangs than to be toothless."



Klick's holiday/promotional message is captured on a digital video about a new agency, "Klickmas" whose employees spend their time spreading holiday joy year-round since "everything we do with the spirit of Christmas leads to increased employee happiness, which leads to better work and better results" for clients.

The agency is donating one dollar for each "like" of the clip to Mélanie's Way, a charity funding a wish for a young mother with stage four cancer.

Last year, Klick’s viral “You Make Winter Warm” holiday video achieved nearly three million views and raised funds to buy new winter coats for children living below the poverty line.  

Morsekode is bypassing the traditional digital greeting and traditional client gifting to instead ask people to submit their own personalized wish-lists. 

“It was fascinating when I discovered that most of our employees come from a long line of makers. Most of them had great-great-great-grandparents that made children. If their ancestors could make living people, how hard would it be to make a holiday gift?“ says creative director Dain Larson.

Gift recipients either submit the online form or email almostexactly@morsekode.com to suggest their concept. Each one-of-a-kind gift will be artisanally-crafted and stamped with a "Seal of Authenticity," says the agency, though executives admit they aren't able to fulfill everyone's requests and it will take between 7-75 days for the gift to arrive. 

Thus far, submissions have included requests for jobs at the agency, time with friends/family, health and a few actual items. 

"We’ll choose the best responses to actually make. And no, this isn’t a gimmick; it’s gifting," states the email. The agency promises to "almost" give them exactly what they want. "Some are hilarious," explains an agency representative. 

Morsekode is documenting the process and will share results in a few weeks.

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