Fender: Leveraging What You Already Have

How does your welcome email change if you know about a purchase, category/product endgame net, account creation, platform. Who has a checkout flow that starts like this, he asked, citing Groupon’s. 

Dynamic content based on instrument + genre + platform. Knowing if someone is starting a trial, getting into which instrument, genre. It all starts with one email. 

Send a second welcome email. We turned our first on-boarding email into a message from one of our instructors. And we saw real results. Same open rate as normal email; 7% response rate to ask Matt questions in Fender Play. We get to build a real customer relationship with them. 12% increase in people taking lessons through their first two weeks by just adding this one email.

Design with the result in mind.

Ask, what is our goal here? We release limited-edition models of guitars throughout the year. Image, lot of detail That is already on the site. We dropped email down to image and few words. Got a higher conversion. But didn’t get job quite done for us. Shot amazing videos. Jim Root, Slipknot. 46% life in CTR, 111% lift in revenue. Tell brand stories. Not integration, content we’re already creating.

Test the simple things. AI subject lines.

Groupon Goods email. Biggest change was adding deal. 2% lift by adding more deals every time. Adding that you have secure checkout with logos. 

Make a list of things you want to test. Evaluate the value of items on that list based on how it changes the customer experience or impacts their journey. Makes them feel more secure in the transaction.

Bonus tips:

  • Test with enough volume to learn.
  • Save your testing for non-critical dates.
  • Create a second Black Friday if needed.
  • Steal these ideas. 
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