New Sun-Maid Campaign Evokes The Joy Of Eating Raisins As A Kid

Sun-Maid Growers of America is introducing its biggest campaign in a decade.

The creative, developed with AOR Quench, references childhood moments, like cartwheels, the inability to reach countertops, and, naturally, red Sun-Maid boxes filled with raisins before ending with a girl stating "Remember childhood? Never forget it never left." 

"Millennials, specifically, love to evoke the wistfulness of being a kid—and now they can experience that again through their children, making new memories," says Harry Overly, CEO/president, Sun-Maid. "During our research, we uncovered Sun-Maid has a strong emotional brand equity, with consumers of all ages remembering the raisins from childhood and the nostalgic memories they elicit."

In addition to an array of network television outlets digital, social, in-store shopper activation and PR are also part of the media mix.

This new campaign coincides with what the company calls a significant brand transformation that began one year ago with the hiring of Overly, projecting an aggressive growth goal of $100 million within five years. 



Last March Quench was handed AOR responsibilities to spur lagging sales for the brand, which has nearly universal brand awareness, but has lagged in sales in recent years.

In addition to its best-known raisin brand, Sun-Maid sells a variety of specialty dried fruits, including yogurt-covered raisins in chocolate and vanilla flavors, apricots, dates, prunes and figs as well as golden raisins in sour strawberry, lemon and watermelon flavors.

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