Pay TV Consumers Want Easier TV Discovery, Payment Options

Despite all the new TV platforms choices -- digital and otherwise -- consumers feel a need for easier use, TV discovery and monthly payment for pay TV services.

A study from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) says 50% of consumers surveyed would eliminate a provider if the service was overwhelming -- too much content, for example -- or inconvenient -- poor discovery of TV content.

The research also found 51% of consumers want to pay just one monthly fee for all video content. Another 50% want all video content to be eventually available in one place.

Almost 90% of consumers are unsatisfied with content discovery and recommendations.

In that regard, a specific number of TV consumers -- who PwC calls “engagers” -- find reviews and human recommendations important. Some 44% read professional reviews. PwC defines “engagers” as “consumers who engage with content in a deliberate manner.”

PwC survey was done in October 2018 from a sample of 2,016 people in the U.S., ages 18-59, with annual household incomes above $40,000.

It analyzed results against similar studies of past years and ran cluster analysis on 68 attitudinal and motivational statements.



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