Raises $2.6 Million, Expands Newsletter Offerings

Email newsletter publisher announced a slew of newly reached benchmarks.

First, company has raised $2.6 million in funding to support the continued growth of its business after closing out 2018 with $1.1 million in annualized revenue. That number marked a 300% growth over 2017 numbers.

Second, recently launched 20 new titles that include “Inside” newsletters for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Austin, Denver and Pittsburgh.

The new round of funding was raised from more than 900 investors and anchored by investments from the SeedInvest Fund and Jason Calacanis, who each invested $250,000. The funding round was also supported, in part, by hundreds of readers.

The company, which reaches over 750,000 active subscribers, also launched a proprietary ad server that provides brands with the tools to run native ads directed at broad demographics, including “developers,” “high-earning consumers” and “people who work in tech.”



The company stated in the announcement: “Like podcasts, most email newsletters offer one option: pay to reach the entire audience, or none of it. Given we have 50 different newsletters and work with a wide array of advertisers, we wanted to offer something better, so we built it.”

Through surveys, newsletter subscriptions and tools like Clearbit, has gleaned a comprehensive portrait of readers.  It knows the jobs, industries, broad interests and rough locations of its users.

That data allows to connect sponsors with a target audience across an ever-expanding portfolio of newsletters.

Other newly launched newsletters are geared to those in finance, such as CMOs, CFOs, CTO/CIOs, design, sales and founders.


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