M&M's Most Biometrically Engaging Super Bowl LIII Teaser Ad, So Far

Based on a preliminary analysis of Super Bowl LIII ads previewed to date, M&M's "Bad Passengers" spot featuring Christina Applegate has been the most physiologically engaging to date, according to the biometric metrics measured by neuro measurement firm Realeyes.

Other preliminary findings, according to Realeyes' analysis:

  • Olay - Teaser 1 - Men more scared than women at the teaser. Men were 68% more likely to show signs of being scared than women. 
  • M&Ms teaser ad - Comments included: “I would have panicked if I locked my kid in the car. I feel like she should have been more upset”; “Why did she leave her baby, horrible mother”. Also a lot of people thought it was an ad for a car. Comments included: “Ford can provide road service”; “…who locked the door and what is the commercial for”; “funny but I don’t understand what it has to do with Super Bowl or M&M’s”; “I did not understand it at all but I still liked it”
  • Women were three times happier to see Michael Buble in Bubly teaser than men.
The complete Realeyes Super Bowl LIII ad performance chart measuring results of 31 Super Bowl spots teased trough Jan 31, can be accessed here. Final results of ads appearing in the Big Game will be published Feb. 5th.



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