Email And SMS Worked Better Than Email Alone On Valentine's Day: Report

Key brand marketers sent twice as many email campaigns during the week of Valentine’s Day’s than on a normal business day. But those that relied only on email saw fewer orders, according to a study by Omnisend.

Of the volume studied, email-exclusive campaigns earned 12.9% less revenue than during the same three-day period in 2013. But email and SMS combined pulled 38% more revenue than they did last year.

This is attributable to the fact that more consumers are shopping by mobile and react to the speed of SMS, Omnisend says.

“This data shows that marketers should not rely on one channel for holiday and event promotion, as many who did not send SMS campaigns during this week saw a decrease in revenue,” states Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris.

Lauris adds that adding such channels as SMS “leads to better revenue opportunities for online sellers.”

Last year, marketers experienced an ordering boom between February 13th and February 15th, the report continues. 

Another recent study by Edison Trends shows that the peak sales day this year was February 13 for brands like 1-800 Flowers, Teleflora and The Bougs Cos. In contrast, Pro Flowers hit its peak on February 11.

Sales decreased markedly on Valentine’s Day itself, the study adds.



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