Live From Toronto, A New Car Marketing Platform From Isobar Canada

Isobar Canada, part of Dentsu Aegis, has launched its first work for Cadillac — a digital platform called Cadillac Live. 

The agency bills the new platform as part personal shopper, part interactive digital showroom. 

When you go to the site and start a tour, there is a live person in a showroom — equipped with live-streaming cam and Bluetooth. Users can see them, and they can hear but not see you. The agent will guide you in and around a couple of brand new Caddies, point out the latest features, answer questions on the spot and set up a test drive if you want one. 

At least that seems to be the deal.

I got to the site a little early — it operates between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. ET, prime car shopping hours I guess. I got a taped demo of how it works.  You can book a tour in advance if you want. 

The tours provide shoppers multiple dynamic views of the vehicles so they can explore and discuss details of the vehicles. Every agent is equipped with an app that allows them to showcase any color, wheel and accessory option on-screen for the consumer during the session. 



Apart from the live tour aspect of the experience, there is a separate interactive lounge. Point and click on various images and access an array highly produced videos highlighting various features of the Cadillac lineup. 

Isobar is calling the platform a first, by which I’m sure they mean to the best of their knowledge it’s a first. I’ve never seen anything like it, although I haven’t bought a car in the last decade so that doesn’t mean much. 

It’s certainly a notch or two above algorithmically created AI assistants with their canned responses, which let’s face it, can be pretty annoying and frustrating at times. Car shopping, the agency says, can be confusing and intimidating, elements that Cadillac Live is designed to eliminate. 

Go to the site and judge for yourself.


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