New Saas Product Offers Email-Landing Page Functions For SMBs

PushSend is offering a new SaaS platform for small businesses that combines email, landing page, list management and event capabilities in one tool. The product, which addresses challenges that are common to SMBs, had its genesis in the experience of CEO Eric Diamond.

“We are a small business for small businesses,” Diamond states. “We address the issues that smaller companies have with the functionality of an enterprise-grade platform.”

According to PushSend, the features include: 

Email Sequencing — This enables SMBs to create a personalized email and sent the messages at scheduled times and dates.

Automation — Small brands can automate marketing emails for customers at a specific step in the sales cycle.

Multivariate testing — Users can test subject lines, messages, designs and other variables to determine the best combinations.

Events — Businesses can sync with their email campaigns to promote events, manage RSVPs and guest lists.



PushSend also offers what it calls “holistic” analytics across all of the features.

One beta customer is Hardeep Arora, owner of several Verizon Wireless franchise stores throughout the Northeast. "It’s easy to use, but powerful enough to really impact the growth of our business,” Arora states. “The best part is: we pay for one service that does the work of three.”



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