Former McCann Health Creative And The Agency Agree To Settle Their Court Fight

Last November, former McCann Health Chief Creative Officer Jeremy Perrott sued his former employer for wrongful termination, seeking $25 million-plus in damages.

Now the two sides have apparently decided to put the matter behind them and settle.

Earlier this month the judge hearing the case in a Virginia court denied as moot a motion to dismiss and several related motions by McCann, noting that the parties had advised him that they’d executed a memorandum of understanding regarding a settlement agreement.

Perrott was terminated about a year ago after what the company had described as inappropriate behavior on the job including making offensive comments to women. He denied making statements to women that were attributed to him such as “nice rack” and “nice ass” and said that the defendants had failed to provide any evidence that he made such comments before dismissing him.

Meanwhile, McCann Health stood by its action terminating Perrott and sought to have the case dismissed.

Terms of the pending settlement agreement weren’t disclosed in court papers.  But I think it’s pretty safe to conclude Perrott isn’t getting anywhere near the $25 million he sued for.




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