'New York Times' Summer Newsletter Condenses Info, Expands Free Activities

The New York Times has turned its digital products into valuable areas of revenue growth. In its 2019 first-quarter revenue reportThe Times reported revenue from its digital-only products grew 15.1% to $109.9 million.

Last year’s summer newsletter was another digital success for the publisher. Following its inaugural newsletter in 2018, the publisher is bringing it back for another year.



The Times polled its users to find out how it could improve the product, implementing those changes in the first issue published last week, reports Nieman Lab.

The newsletter is helmed by Jessica Anderson, a senior staff editor of newsletters for The Times. Last year, the newsletter was edited by The Times’ deputy travel editor Elisabeth Goodridge. Margot Boyer-Dry writes its content, while Max Falkowitz provides food and drink coverage. 

This year, in an effort to serve the newsletter’s 80,000 subscribers, The Times will shorten its length by nearly half, from 2,400 words to 1,200, making it easier to read on mobile devices. It will offer one trip, rather than two, and expands free and cheap activities.

There is a dedicated section to receive reader feedback and more evergreen content for summer weekends. 

For example, in the season’s first edition, the editors suggested readers visit Wave Hill, public gardens and a cultural center in the Bronx. It tipped them off to free admission times and free shuttles. Places to eat and drink accompany the entry.

The newsletter runs through Labor Day.

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