'New York' Collaborates With Marc Jacobs On Retail Capsule Collection

New York magazine has teamed with Marc Jacobs on a capsule collection featuring the New York logo on Marc Jacobs retail products.

Some of the items, which include sandals, jewelry, bags and apparel, also contain the words “Marc Jacobs” stylized in the magazine's signature logo.

For example, a pair of gold hoop earrings: One reads “New York” and the other “Marc Jacobs,” in the logo first drawn by renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser in 1968. (They’re already sold out online.)

“We saw this as a unique licensing opportunity, as both Marc Jacobs and New York magazine are brands intrinsic to New York,” stated Shyra Smart, New York’s head of business development.



Prices range from $35 socks to $1,295 purses, some of which look like a rolled up New York magazine.

The capsule collection is part of designer Marc Jacobs’ new label: The Marc Jacobs.

For the past two years, New York has also partnered with OnlyNY, a boutique streetwear brand, for two capsule collections in 2017 and 2018. Magazine covers, illustrations and photos from the magazine’s first decade were printed onto merchandise like hoodies and tote bags.

New York’s city editor Christopher Bonanos believes these collaborations correlate with the magazine’s coverage of shopping and consumerism.

“Upscale urbanites are enthusiastic shoppers and diners. They craved advice and direction from other enthusiastic shoppers and diners,” Bonanos stated. “So it seems appropriate that a major designer wants to pair up with us.”

Bonanos has eBay alerts set for items related to New York. Recently, a New York-branded paperweight sold for $600. He said this “bodes well for the Marc Jacobs collaboration.”

New York’s shopping site The Strategist opened its first brick-and-mortar pop-up shop last November. Consumers could purchase curated products for the holiday season.

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