Scotts Acquire Rights To Property Brothers Brand, Assets

Drew and Jonathan Scott, stars of the "Property Brothers" TV show, have acquired the rights to the Property Brothers brand and its related intellectual property assets from producer/distributor Cineflix Productions for an undisclosed amount. Cineflix will still distribute shows under the "Property Brothers" banner. 

In a one-on-one interview with MediaPost's Agency Daily, Drew Scott, best known as the realtor twin, outlined the strategy behind his company's expansion plans, connecting with fans, and the "Brady Bunch" house. 

"We wanted a more 360-degree approach," explains Scott on the decision to acquired control of "Property Brothers" content from Cineflix in order to streamline TV, digital, social, licensing and creative under one roof as Scott Brothers Global (SBG). 

This collective owns all the brothers' companies and brands including production company SBE, which produces "Forever Home," "Brother Vs Brother," "Property Brothers At Home," and now "Property Brothers." 



The duo also owns a homewares business Scott Living as well as design and ecommerce platforms. 

"We receive a half of a million fan messages each week," Scott notes. "I don't see ourselves as celebrities, but personalities. It's a breath of fresh air when you meet someone in person who is approachable," he says. "We wouldn't have our brand today without our fans.” 

This ability to be relatable across multiple demographics has made the Scott Brothers popular among brands and advertising agencies. The two personalities serve as spokesmen for Chase Bank, ADT and Hilton, among others. "One big thing is control over our voice," says Scott, pointing out they usually only accept endorsement deals based on brands they use. 

The twins are constantly reassessing how to improve their content.

The first season of HGTV's "Brother vs. Brother," for instance, featured the two brothers mentoring other participants in a renovation competition. Fans, however, preferred parts that focused more on the brothers themselves. So after two seasons, the brothers' production company SBE took control of the show and tweaked the format. It now concentrates on them battling each other.

One of SBE's newer shows, "Property Brothers Forever Home," is designed to reach "people in the middle," says Scott. “We already help people buy homes or renovate their older ones, but fans would tell us they loved their homes and didn't want to move.” 

As eyeballs shift away from TV, the Scott Brothers are also evolving their strategy.

On June 20, the two introduced their first mobile game, "Property Brothers Home Design," in the Apple Store and on Google Play. It's consistently been on Apple's "Games We Love" list since it launched.  

Their second children's book in their Builder Brothers series, "Builder Brothers: Better Together" will be released Sept. 10, mimicking the first book's "Builder Brothers: Big Plans'" template of a "simple read" followed by a hands-on project, like building a birdhouse using everyday household items. 

Later this year, Jonathan will introduce his first documentary, based around energy, along with September's "A Very Brady Renovation" show documenting the makeover for the iconic "Brady Bunch" house. "It was a big project, but it was a lot of fun," he says about the effort that will feature the cast of the sitcom and top HGTV personalities.



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