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Ally Financial Launches Confessiongrams

Ally Financial is trying to change the stigma around financial conversations as being scary or stressful with an Instagram campaign themedConfessiongrams.”

Confessiongrams takes a financial twist on the traditional truth-or-dare game. Visitors to the website are prompted to choose a virtual “card,” each featuring a financial truth question, and a dare challenge. The player chooses between answering the financial truth or posting a video of them doing the dare on their Instagram account.

The campaign was created by R/GA. Paid support will run through July 25.

This campaign follows Ally’s goal of delivering direct-to-consumer disruptive marketing strategies to drive engagement and spark conversation, says Saloni Janveja, executive director, social and marketing innovation, Ally.



“We worked with our partners at R/GA and Open Influence to identify a diverse mix of influencers in relationships that would offer insight on the importance of having an open financial conversation with their partner,”  Janveja tells Marketing Daily.

“We also wanted to leverage our partnership with NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson and his close relationship with his pit crew to show financial conversations happening in another type of relationship.”

The campaign is aimed at consumers in committed relationships. “Finances are the second leading cause of divorce in the U.S.,” notes Janveja.

“Having ‘the money talk’ can be difficult and even taboo to initiate, so we wanted to leverage Instagram in a unique way to make financial conversations and honesty more accessible for couples.

"Truth or dare adds an element of levity to an otherwise difficult or dry topic, but we hope picking ‘truth’ becomes easier as couples continue to grow more open with each other about their financial habits and perspectives.”

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