Infiniti's Instagram Experience Lets You Race Around Track In Q60

Woo, woo! Instagram users checking out Infiniti USA’s account can now experience being in the driver’s seat for a race around the track in the Infiniti Q60.

Tapping an Instagram quiz sticker feature called Quick Reactions, users first pick the color they want for their Q60, and are immediately placed behind the wheel in a video. They then face a series of questions asking them to select their next action, in a choose-your-own-adventure style experience.

Some of the questions test driving ability. For example:  "A corner's fast approaching! What is the first step?" Choices are "1)Accelerate, 2)Brake" or "3)Close eyes." (Answer is "brake," if you were wondering.)

Each question lasts for less time than the one before it, showcasing the quick reactions needed for real-life performance driving. “Fortunately, by creating a racing simulator out of an Instagram Quiz, wrong answers don’t stop the fun -- you learn from it and get ready for the next turn,” stated Stefan Smith, senior copywriter at Critical Mass, the digital experience design agency that created the Instagram feature.



The final question: "So, when are you booking a test drive?" Choices are  "1)Right now, 2)Soon" or "3) A bit later." Then the user is directed to "Swipe up to book your test drive."

“Instagram represents the single biggest opportunity for any premium brand right now. It’s a mass-scale platform that enables us to tell compelling stories, marrying up interactivity with the brand and laddering down to the product,” says Jag Sharma, senior manager global social media, Infiniti, in a statement.

Check out the campaign on the Infiniti USA Instagram account via the Highlights section.

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