'Delish' Launches Editor-Curated Online Store

Delish fans can now visit the brand’s dedicated online store where they’ll find eight exclusive products curated and designed by the editors. 

The merchandise ranges in price from $15 to $27 and includes Delish’s chart showing coffee colors arranged according to the level of creamer inside, a travel mug with the slogan “There Might be Alcohol in Here” and a T-shirt that reads “Frapp Queen.” 

“We always saw Delish as a way of life more than it was a brand -- it spoke to your entire approach to eating and your passion for food. Therefore it feels totally organic to be able to infuse other parts of your life with that Delish personality,” Delish editorial director Joanna Saltz told Publishers Daily. “It makes you feel like you’re part of a tribe.”



Following the initial launch, Delish plans to introduce new products seasonally, a number of which are in the works. 

For the first merchandise release, the editors started with things they know their audience loves -- namely pizza, rosé and Starbucks. From there, the editors worked with themes and phrases they felt would resonate with readers.

According to Saltz, the Delish team always knew the brand could move products through reader reactions to its editorial work.

“Everything we wrote about -- whether it was a purse that secretly held wine, or a jar of Whiskey Pickles -- sold out,” she said. “This felt like an obvious move -- but also one that was truly in line with the broader Hearst Magazines mission: to bring these brands to life.”

The launch of Delish’s ecommerce store comes as Hearst Magazines continues to find new ways to connect readers with brands, creating diversified revenue streams. 

“The Delish team has built a highly trusted and engaged brand with natural opportunities to connect content to commerce,” Daniel Glassman, senior director of consumer revenue partnerships for the company, told Publishers Daily. “We believe growing our direct-to-consumer product capabilities will give our editors more tools to connect with their audience.”

Moving forward, Saltz sees the store as a way to make the user’s experience more powerful when interacting with Delish’s content. 

She cited an episode of the brand’s YouTube show “Iconic Eats,” in which Delish editor Tess Koman ate her way through Dollywood. The brand’s now-iconic “What Would Dolly Eat?” T-shirt made an appearance in the episode and fans were dying to know where they could purchase one. 

“[The ecommerce store] won’t influence our editorial, per se, but we do like to infuse our content with things that make the experience more dynamic. If anything, our editorial will impact what we sell in the store,” said Saltz.

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