Comcast Users Hit By Nationwide Outage, Email Out For Some

Is response off to your marketing emails? It may be due to the fact that for the second time in two weeks, Comcast has suffered a nationwide service outage, affecting internet service, mobile phones and ability to connect with email. 

Complaints to downdetector about the telecom service spiked at 1 a.m. ET, but have been continuing into this morning. 

“Mobile phone and attached devices issues all day yesterday and today,” one Comcast user wrote on Tuesday morning. “Keeps dropping and reconnecting to internet connection. Only on mobile. Computer working fine. Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

Another adds: “I'm in NH and we have nothing..phones, wifi, and tv out again...

Yesterday, a customer wrote: “Yet another massive #comcastoutage at the office @comcast no internet, no phones, no email = no business.”

However, another reported that email service had returned.  

Judging by the downdetector map, the problems appear to be heaviest in the Northeast, Texas, the Chicago area, Nebraska, Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. But, based on color coding by downdetector, they are as severe as they were in the earlier outage. 

On Aug. 6, Engadget, which is owned by Verizon, reported that Comcast service was down throughout the country. “Comcast's own map only shows local outages, but Down Detector is showing this as a major, nationwide issue,” it wrote.

Work-at-home businesses are especially vulnerable to service disruptions. 

Yesterday, a user wrote: “You guys keep pushing back when my internet will return from an outage. I work from home full time, do you guys have any idea what you are doing for my career? Can you give me any more info then the my accounts app?” 

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  1. Tina Plant from Ecessa, August 14, 2019 at 8:37 a.m.

    I work for a company that designs  popular Internet failover devices for businesses that can’t afford to be down. Which, face it, is every business. Many remote workers install a second internet connection to their residence, for the same reason. If Comcast is having a bad day, Centurylink probably isn’t failing at the same time. The router sends data over the best performing line at any given moment. Problem solved. Google “Ecessa” or “internet failover device” for more information. 

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