Building the Data-Driven Digital Practice and Consumer Experience

Avocados from Mexico, that wunderkind of Super Bowl advertising, depends for its success on five pillars of modern digital marketing. At Tuesday's Brand Insider Summit, Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital Marketing, Avocados From Mexico, shared three of them due to time constraints (she was the final presenter before lunch).

Above all, Kinser cited centralization within the organization, reducing internal politics. "We look at the goal, we look at the toolbox and we hand-pick what we need."

Then, there's data, which is integrated into everything that the brand does. "The digital journey is the new package," she said. "When you can plan the consumer journey, all the touchpoints will build the brand." By mapping the journey, the brand can reach out in a very efficient and effective way. In fact, YouGov found that of all Super Bowl campaigns, Avocado from Mexico was the only the top advertiser that drove purchase consideration one month after the Big Game -- for three years in a row.

Finally, Kinser pointed to martech integration. She spoke about the company's partnership with in which Avocados hired a dog trainer to match available breeds with human personalities created by IBM's Watson. Watson absorbed people's every single tweet to analyze personalities. "It was fascinating," she said of the creativity.

Speaking in a charming Venezuelan accent, Kinser said she has been asked about the brand's Super Bowl success, "How do you do it?" To which she responds, "How do you don't?"

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