New Legal Sea Foods Ads Play Up Pot's Legal Status In MA

Boston's Legal Sea Foods is leveraging the Legal in its name by celebrating the legality of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. Although the restaurant will not be adding any type of new “herb” to its seafood, it is doing the next best thing (it hopes) by capitalizing on the legal connection.  

The "Welcome to Legal" creative, developed by Devito/Verdi, introduces a very trippy, psychedelic vibe with schools of fish intermixed with groovy graphic designs. 

TV spots referencing “4:20” cannabis cultural slang will air at that time of day, whereas versions without the 4:20 reference will air at other times throughout the day.  

The effort also includes dispensing free clam chowder from its popular Chowda’ Van outside Boston marijuana dispensaries, and offering “Toke-Out Menus” to those exiting the stores. It will also create pot-themed menu items at designated times, and introduce a social media campaign and a digital effort where people can win a bowl of chowder when they text Legal Sea Foods at 4:20 p.m.



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