Americans Send 34.71 Emojis Per Day, Study Finds

Emojis have ascended from being the domain of just a few strange people at work to becoming a staple of business communications, judging by a study from Customer Thermometer.

American workers now send an average of 34.71 emojis per day via emails, social media and messaging. And 22.5% regularly add emojis to their business emails.

Men are above the average, sending 35.9 per day, versus 32.8 for women.

However women are more likely to receive emojis in work emails -- 87.7% favor them compared with 73% of men. Overall, 55% believe emojis convey a certain tone and help workers avoid conflict or misunderstandings.

Gen Zers send over five times more emojis than people ages 55 and older.

Despite all that, a skeptic might quibble with the claim by Lindsay Willott, CEO of Customer Thermometer that, “far from being a formality-fail, emoji represent the biggest advancement in the human language since the written word.”

It would take far deeper research to prove that.

Customer Thermometer surveyed 1,000 Americans.

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