Verizon Media Launches New Ad Tech With CafeMedia

Verizon Media is expanding its ad offerings with new access solutions exclusive to Verizon Media DSP and Verizon Media SSP clients.

CafeMedia is its first publishing partner in this venture.

Through this new offering, Verizon Media DSP clients can bid directly into CafeMedia’s header using prebid server technology, reaching an audience of more than 2,200 content creators.

The new partnership with CafeMedia further expands exclusive and first ad-call opportunities for buyers that can connect with publishers like HuffPost, Yahoo and TechCrunch, among others.

“For advertisers, our new connection with CafeMedia allows a direct path to valuable audiences in a trusted content environment. For publishers — like CafeMedia — it means direct access to premier advertisers and exclusive Verizon Media demand,” Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media, told Publishers Daily.



“For both parties, it means lower fees, optimizing advertiser spend and performance, and rewarding premium content creators through better yield,” he added.

In testing, advertisers that leveraged the new access connection found an impression volume three times the average of other header bidding paths.

At the heart of the new offerings is a matter of trust and transparency and an evolution of private and programmatic guaranteed marketplaces.

Verizon Media views these solutions as a further step in boosting an open publisher ecosystem that eliminates pre-filtering.

“Partnerships like this are increasingly important because advertisers want to make sure their media spend is used as efficiently as possible and with maximum transparency. Publishers want to maximize the value of their audiences,” Paul Bannister, executive vice president, strategy at Cafe Media, told Publishers Daily. “These more direct and premium connections help meet these goals in an innovative way.”

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