Omnicom's Credera Hangs Out A Shingle In The Big Apple

Management consulting firm, UX and tech solutions agency Credera, part of Omnicom’s Precision Marketing Group, has just opened a New York office.

Omnicom acquired the firm in 2018.

According to Justin Bell, who was promoted to CEO in August, the move will help the agency “expand the reach of our offerings and forge stronger relationships and partnerships with many [Omnicom Precision Marketing Group] clients, both in this region and globally. It also provides new opportunities for our talent to grow and continue to solve our clients' unique problems."

Nate Raymond, senior manager, Kevin King, senior architect, and John Franks, principal, will serve as the leaders of the New York office. 

Credera clients include Southwest Airlines, National Geographic, EmployBridge, NRG and HomeAdvisor, among others.

The firm, with about 400 employees, is headquartered in Dallas and also has offices in Denver and Houston. 

Word is the firm is also planning to open a Chicago office.




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