Conde Nast Names Global Commercial Partnerships Team

Condé Nast announced today a new global commercial organization to lead global accounts and manage multi-market deals across the company’s 38 brands and 31 markets. 

The team is a combination of commercial team members from the U.S. and Adelphi, Condé Nast's headquarters in London.

They "will manage key global accounts and create alignment across our multi-market deals, product capabilities and strategies, creative agencies, go-to-market strategies and events," Pam Drucker Mann, Global Chief Revenue Officer and president of U.S. revenue at Condé Nast, wrote in an internal memo.

The new global commercial partnerships team will also provide centralized access to Condé Nast’s content and distribution, as well as video, social and data products.

“As we continue our evolution into a global media company, we have an incredible opportunity to create more holistic, global partnerships with our clients,” Drucker Mann stated. 



Last year, Condé Nast announced it was combining its U.S. operations and international businesses. Former Pandora chief executive Roger Lynch was named global CEO in April to run the combined Condé Nast and Condé Nast International.

"Some of the global commercial team members also have market-specific oversight and will maintain their responsibilities while dually operating in their global roles," Drucker Mann wrote regarding the new global commercial partnerships team. 

The U.S. revenue organization "remains unchanged and continues to report directly to me and local market teams will continue with their current reporting structures."

Jamie Jouning, Chief Client Officer, will lead all global sales initiatives. He will also define global B2B strategy and oversee central digital operations. 

Taly Yaniv, senior vice president of global client services, will manage global accounts, as well as U.S. client services.

John Deschner, managing director of CNX, will expand custom solutions and creative agency services business globally to include consulting, strategy and insight, experiential and talent resourcing.

Craig Kostelic, advertising Chief Business Officer, will now lead video efforts globally. He will also maintain his responsibilities for U.S. enterprise and digital operations teams.

Eric Johnson, senior vice president of commercial marketing and events, will expand his responsibilities to focus on a unified B2B positioning of the Condé Nast brand. He will create a central events unit for global tentpoles.

In addition, the company is forming a new global business intelligence team team to help support these efforts. That team will include Courtney Verdier, senior vice president of commercial strategy; Barbra Perlstein, vice president of finance and advertising revenue; Fiona Kellerman, vice president of commercial transformation and operations; and Sandra Tinker, commercial operations director.

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