Salesforce Debuts CMS Content Delivery System

Salesforce has debuted a new service for content creators: Salesforce CMS.

The hybrid CMS allows marketers to deliver content to any channel or device, including email, and to ensure consistency, the company says.

“Legacy CMS’ are designed for a single touchpoint, not an ever-evolving, omni-channel, customer journey,” writes Adi Kuruganti, GM, Salesforce Community Cloud and SVP, products B2B Commerce, in a blog post.

Case in point: Kuruganti scrolls through Instagram and email every morning on the way to work.  

If the “email and site are inconsistent, I get frustrated, and I’m not alone. According to our latest State of the Customer report, 78% of customers expect consistent experiences across departments,” Kuruganti adds. 

Salesforce CMS is “connected to your CRM, making it possible for anyone in your company to deliver relevant content when your customer wants it to whatever channel your customer is using,” Kuruganti continues.

One client, streamlining service NOW TV, already approves.

“There is no need to wait six months for an IT or design team to create visual and beautiful content,” states NOW TV’s Andy Jones. “The advantages of connecting CRM and CMS were immediately clear.”



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