Identify Opportunities For Proactive Content

Talk about content! 

Kelsey Cohen, Director of Growth for Bloomscape, a 20-month-old D2C startup selling plants online out of Detroit, detailed ways to strike up a conversation with your potential customers by creating content. She calls it "content mapping."

This involves bringing your customer personas and your customers' journeys together with content. "Create a content strategy that brings value to your customers," she told our Brand Insider Summit D2C. "Create a content plan that is performative and insightful.

"You know your customers' motivations, pain points, desires, and aspirations. And their journeys."

Cohen advises marketers to put themselves in their customers' shoes so that interactions become an opportunity to listen and "glean information."

Ask yourself, "what is preventing them from moving from one stage to the next?"

For Bloomscape, the customer is asking the brand to inspire her once she is aware of it. "Show me how" to buy plants online, she asks as she considers purchasing. "Help me pick!" Is part of the decision process.

"Use content to provide solutions and answers. Create a road map.

"Have higher expectations for your content. Every piece should tell you something about the person who interacts with it."

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