Siete Family Foods Samples Connected TV For First Campaign

Siete Family Foods, which markets grain-free, Mexican-American products, is testing connected television over Hulu, Pluto TV, Roku and Sling in its first-ever advertising campaign.

It’s called “Juntos Es Mejor” (together is better), which also applies to the way the seven (siete) Garza family members of south Texas who founded and run the company created the campaign — completely in-house, from creative concept to production.

The campaign creative shows members of the Siete corporate team gathering for a meal as a voiceover intones, “Food is a way to connect with those around us and remember the ones who have come before us. It unites family, friends and communities.”

Siete’s products range from tortillas made from almonds, cashews, cassava, chia and chickpea flour to dairy-free queso and hot sauces that are Whole30-approved —a  reference to the diet whose followers eschew things like alcohol, dairy, sugar, grains and legumes.



“Our target audience for this campaign is natural food adopters and health-conscious families,” Siete director of marketing Alexandra Garza tells Marketing Daily.

Asked how connected TV was selected for the campaign, Garza says, “We used CTV platforms because it’s early on in connected TV’s advertising phase. As a company, we like experimenting, and this felt like a good way to test TV.”

The Garza family founded Siete in 2014 after Veronica Garza, who is co-founder and president, was diagnosed as a teenager with multiple autoimmune conditions. She began experimenting with grain-free recipes, leading to the company’s first product, almond flour tortilla.

Siete’s distribution includes select stores operated by HEB, Kroger, Natural Grocers, Publix, Target and Whole Foods, among others.

“We’re often creating products that solve a problem and are fundamentally innovative, and therefore the hardest part of getting the distribution is introducing something entirely new to a retailer,” says Siete CEO Miguel Garza. “We’re often trying to work with the retailer to grow their categories and ultimately serve our collective consumer.”

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